Monday thru Sunday 9am to 9pm
1319 NE Fremont St
Portland, Oregon 97212
United States



Monday thru Sunday 8am to 10pm
1720 NW Lovejoy St
Suite 109
Portland, Oregon 97209
United States


Monday thru Sunday 9am to 9pm
6313 SE Holgate Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97206
United States


About Ginger Salon

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Ginger Salon was born in 2008, at the height of the United States’ financial crisis. Although I've never been interested in playing it safe, it was a terrible time to start a business. But it was the perfect time to change the hair industry.

We wanted to show the west coast that you could create a life-long career path for stylists and still be a successful business. We wanted new hairstylists to know they could ask for a better salary, have a better life, and be fulfilled in their chosen careers – with no compromises.

Deanna Everson

Owner & Founder, Ginger Salon

3 Locations, 2 Chairs.

Each Ginger Salon location has but two chairs, to make sure quality of service and individual client attention is achieved. The salon’s core mission is to ensure clients have the most fabulous hair on the west coast, while providing its unparalleled stylists a work/life balance that allows them to remain artists while making the kind of income that enables them to own a home.

Fabulous Fact

Ginger Salon is committed to creating a business that allows all staff to be paid a living wage. Hair salons can be financially and artistically successful without compromising quality and employee career fulfillment. It is mandatory that businesses positively impact their communities to create a more symbiotic relationship between capitalism and economic health. Through economically and environmentally sustainable business practices, the change starts here