We Love Kevin Murphy

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  You know what I love? Kevin Murphy's heat protection products (they're the ones in the blue bottles). Seriously.  Amazing. But more specifically, I am in love with Straight Defense. Everyone at Ginger Salon is in love with Straight Defense. We are gonna list its awesome-ness, ready for it?

One. Its weightless, but still has great hold. Even if your hair is straight you can use it for volume. But if your hair is curly it is designed to keep your hair straight for longer.

B.  There is this complex, very fancily name “KEVIN.MURPHY X-HP” That is designed to keep you hairs stronger, it is also there to fight against static electricity <--- Static gives us all those super awesome fly away hairs.

3.  Heat protection up 428 degrees! Holy guacamole!! “Defense against the intense heat generated by modern appliances while delivering impressive style hold” Sorry copy n' paste seemed like the best choice for that one. They say it so much better than I do.

 So, I guess the real question is…What isn't there to love about Straight Defense? What is your favorite product purchased from the best hairstylist in Portland?